The Chenoweths came to Sonoma County by wagon train in 1847, which makes them fifth generation Sonomans, and fourth generation farmers. Charlie started farming when he was eight, learning from his parents, and by twelve he was planting apple orchards. He rode the school bus with people like Steve and Joe Dutton, which is how he began his winegrowing career working for the Duttons. Since then, he’s planted over 50 vineyards, and worked with wineries like Kistler, Patz & Hall, Merry Edwards, Littorai, Kosta Browne and Gary Farrell.  

 “I work closely with Scott, Lynn and Zardo. There’s a lot of trust and appreciation between us. We all understand the ultimate goal—making great pinot noir and chardonnay. They know that when I am in the vineyard, making pruning decisions, or tasting the grapes, I’m thinking about the wine that will come from them. I have the same trust in Zardo to take what I grow and guide the transition from grapes to great wine. “
Today, Charlie's son, also named Charle, works side by side with his father. When asked about Sonoma Cunty, Charlie Sr. says, "Sometimes, I take a look around and remind myself how lucky I am to live and work in Sonoma County. It has been a great place to raise my boys, and as they get older, I hope they’ll stay around to be a part of this thriving community, whether they stick to farming or not". 

Vineyard Manager