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Michael Zardo
November 1, 2018 | Michael Zardo

November Migration

Harvest is the time when the promise of an entire growing season comes to fruition, with perfect grapes hanging majestically on the vine. It can captivate the senses with the pristine beauty of vineyards picked under moonlight, or the smell of fermenting wine. At the same time, it can be nerve-racking knowing that the fate of an entire vintage can be dependent upon the decision of when to pick. 

Happily, the big story of our 2018 harvest is that it was wonderfully drama free. Mother Nature couldn’t have been kinder. In the run-up to harvest, the weather was gorgeous—and by that I mean nice and cool. This is ideal for several reasons. When the weather during harvest is hot, it can force your hand to pick as sugar levels skyrocket in the grapes, and acid levels drop. Cool weather allows the grapes to make a gentle final push to ripeness while preserving the natural acidity that is so essential to great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Equally important, when the weather is cool, we can pick at our leisure, harvesting select blocks at that Goldilocks moment of ripeness, when the flavors are vibrant and the sugars and acids strike a perfect balance. To sum it up, I am a very happy (albeit tired) winemaker, who is excited to share our 2018 wines with you in the years ahead.

Until then, we have some wonderful wines for you! We very excited to enclose our 2016 Stephens Vineyard Pinot Noir, an exceptional wine with sophisticated aromas of blackberry, forest floor, cherry and spice, and our 2016 Three Perch Pinot Noir, which is one of the darkest and most robustly fruited wines we make. The radiant 2016 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay rounds out your shipment. While it has yet to be reviewed, the previous vintage earned 97 points from PinotFile, which called it “Chardonnay Nirvana.”

Time Posted: Nov 1, 2018 at 3:18 PM

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